Construction Joint Sealants

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Concrete Floor & Wall Joint Sealants
Choosing the right materials are essential to maintain the integrity of most modern buildings.

                                                                                          Isolation Joints: 

Isolation joints have one very simple purpose, they completely isolate the slab from something else. That something else can be a wall or a column or a drain pipe. Walls and columns, which are on their own footings that are deeper than the slab subgrade, are not going to move the same way a slab does as it shrinks or expands from drying or temperature changes or as the subgrade compresses a little.

                                                                                     Contraction Joints: 

Both isolation and construction joints are formed before the concrete is poured; contraction joints, or control joints are placed in the fresh concrete before it has a chance to create its own joints, also known as cracks. What a contraction joint really is in the end is a crack in the slab that we force to follow a line of our own choosing. Contractors create a weakened line across the slab and let nature take its course. When the slab does crack, that's called joint activation.

                                                                                   Construction Joints: 

Construction joints are formed using some sort of bulkhead, made of wood, steel, plastic, or precast concrete. These bulkheads are often used as screed rails during placement and finishing of the slab. Construction joints should be worked into the overall joint plan, where they can also function as contraction joints. A construction joint should also be used in cases of equipment breakdown, an unexpected shortage of materials, or bad weather, although the joint should still be worked into the jointing pattern, placed where a contraction joint was planned. If that's not possible, the odd section may later have to be removed.


What Sealant Materials To Use For Joints
Swiftseal UK ltd uses high quality products and materials in mastic sealant application.


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